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Murray Horton Speaking Tour : Who’s Running The Show?

Press Release – Campaign Against Foreign Control Of Aotearoa MURRAY HORTON SPEAKING TOUR May 4 – 29 Whos Running The Show? And In Whose Interests? Murray Horton is the long serving Organiser and spokesperson for two Christchurch-based groups, the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa ( CAFCA ) and the Anti-Bases …MURRAY HORTON SPEAKING TOUR…

US President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan – Presser

Press Release – The White House PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) On behalf of the Japanese people, I would like to express my heartfelt welcome to President Barack Obama, who is in Japan as our state guest. Barack and I met at the White House for the first time last year …Joint Press Conference with…

iPredict Ltd 2014 Election Update #15

Column – iPredict iPredicts 7000 registered traders continue to believe Winston Peters NZ First party will hold the balance of power after the election and allow National to govern. There has been a small gain to Act and the Conservatives over the last week and a … iPredict Ltd 2014 Election Update #15 24 April…

iPredict 2014 Election Update #14: Labour Makes Gains

Press Release – iPredict Labour makes gains over last week Nationals probability of forming next government down to 70%, compared with 87% five months before 2011 election Likelihood NZ First would back Labour-led government passes 50% for first time Acts chances …IPREDICT LTD 2014 ELECTION UPDATE #14 Monday 14 April 2014 Key Points: •…

Dunedin South chooses Voight

Press Release – Democrats for Social Credit Health practitioner Warren Voight has been selected as the Dunedin South electorate candidate for Democrats for Social Credit. As a candidate in this years General Election, I am excited to be representing Democrats for Social Credit and celebrating …14 April 2014 Dunedin South chooses Voight Health practitioner Warren…

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